MU Dorm Capacity

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COLUMBIA - The MU News Bureau said Wednesday that all students who applied for housing by the May 16 priority deadline will have housing. However, the bureau isn't certain about students who applied for housing after May 16.

The Director of Residential Life, Frankie Minor said the department is optimistic about finding housing for most of the female population but less optimistic about finding housing for the male population.

Minor encourages people who applied after May 16 to have a backup plan for housing. He said there is plenty of housing in Columbia for college students.

Minor said if you applied for housing with Residential Life after May 16 and you decide to sign a contract for off campus living, make sure you cancel your contract with Residential Life while it's still in the pending phase to get a full refund of your money.

The Associate Director of the News Bureau, Christian Basi, said it's important to remember that more than 12,000 students apply for enrollment at MU each year, but obviously many of those students do not end up coming to school here.