MU emails on conference realignment

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COLUMBIA - Emails obtained Monday by KOMU 8 show the conference realignment conversation among MU administrators stretching back to 2010.

Most of the emails where any direct correspondence took place pertain to the time period during the Big Ten conference's expansion. There is a noticeable lack of direct communication during the time of MU's rumored-then-true joining of the Southeastern Conference.

After a quote from MU Chancellor Brady Deaton appeared in a newspaper article essentially saying MU was not ruling out any options on conference affiliation, then-Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe fired an email to Deaton saying: "I admire you greatly Brady, but the quote at the end of this article, which is being written about throughout the country, is what is damaging us so badly. We have to have an unequivocal commitment in a few days!!"

Deaton responded: "If any university President is not open to all information and analysis that may benfit their university, they should not be in their job. Frankly, I do not understand or accept the line of reasoning being suggested."

After Nebraska and Colorado left the Big 12, the next shakeup came when Texas A&M announced it was leaving the conference. Emails indicate R. Bowen Loftin, Texas A&M president, notified Beebe of A&M's intention of leaving the Big 12 via email. Deaton was copied on the message.

It's interesting to note there were no emails returned from this KOMU 8 Sunshine Request showing any email exchanges between MU leaders about Mizzou joining the SEC.

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MU Administration Emails On Conference Realignment