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COLUMBIA - Each of Missouri’s counties are slating new council members for their MU Extension County Council.

The councils comprises ten to twenty members over the age of 18 who live in the county.

MU Extension County Program Director for Boone County, Kent Shannon, said nominees should “have a passion about the University of Missouri, have a passion about the community as a whole and want to serve the citizens of the state by putting out educational resources to try and help folks in the community.” 

Councils work in conjunction with the county commission and then the county commission appropriates some funding to the county Extension office. 

The goal of the councils are to listen to community concerns, implement educational opportunities to address those issues and also raise concerns to Missouri lawmakers. 

Extension programming has been active in Missouri since 1914. The councils began in 1955.

Roger Morrison, who is on the Boone County council, said he has enjoyed his service.

“I’ve learned much more about the agriculture across Boone County," he said. "The depth and breadth of subject matter that’s involved is great.”

Morrison spoke about the Extension legislative day, which occurs every February.

“A number of extension council members will discuss items of business as well as make contacts for throughout the year," he said. "We feel it is a beneficial conversation.”

Nominations for council members are being accepted by each county’s MU Extension office during the next few weeks. Boone County’s deadline is Dec. 1, but every county is different.

People in each county will have the opportunity to vote on the slated members for the 2018-2020 term through an online system in January.