MU Faculty Council Discusses Academic Freedoms

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COLUMBIA - MU Executive Committee Member Harry Tyrer said Thursday that a new proposal addressing academic freedom in the classroom will not be voted on or resolved at the faculty council meeting Thursday. However, the council will discuss the issue.

Wednesday, some MU faculty said they are concerned their classrooms could soon be taking more privacy precautions. The Faculty Council is considering adopting a plan that will not let information shared within the classroom to be shared with anyone outside of the classroom without the consent of the professor of that class. The potential policy change stems from the UMSL/UMKC controversy over a highly-edited labor class video that went public back in April.

Tyrer said Thursday, "The draft document is intended to protect students from the unsolicited attention brought to their comments." He added, "I'm committed to academic freedom, on the other hand, I'm also concerned about students rights as well."