MU faculty member to discuss race relations at council meeting

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia City Council was set to discuss the potential benefits of a combined approach by city leaders and leaders on the MU campus on race relations at Tuesday night's meeting.

The Council will hear a public comment by the chair of the MU Faculty Committee on Race Relations, Berkley Hudson. Hudson said he hopes to stimulate important conversations about the quality of race relations within the community.

"Conversations about race are very difficult to have with one another," Hudson said. "But that doesn't mean we shouldn't be having them. We need to find a way to share our stories and ideas about race with one another so we can work towards the goals of both MU and the city."

Hudson has served as the chair of the committee since its inception in January of last year. The committee was formed after a student forum on the events in Ferguson in late 2014. 

He said the experiences of racial intolerance students have had over the course of the committee's existence aren't unique to MU.

"We don't have a monopoly in that sense," Hudson said. "These are issues that exist all over the United States."

City councilman Karl Skala said he's interested in hearing what the professor has to say.

"I've always felt race relations are an important topic to discuss within our community," he said.

Hudson said he hopes he can work with city council members in the future. He was scheduled to speak at the beginning of the meeting Tuesday at City Hall.