MU Fans Savor Final Big 12 Tournament

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KANSAS CITY - Fans of Big 12 schools flocked the streets of the Power and Light District of Kansas City Friday to celebrate the final Big 12 basketball tournament in which MU will participate.

MU will move to the Southeastern Conference this summer. The move means the end of the Kansas-Missouri sports rivalry for the forseeable future, something fans on both sides are talking about.

"I love the Big 12 and I love the rivalries," said Missouri fan Joel Boswell. "There will never be another rivalry in the NCAA like KU and MU. I'm gonna miss it and hopefully one day we can bring that back."

Boswell's brother Adam Stewart, a Kansas fan, is also already lamenting the future of the rivals. "It's a huge rivalry, not necessarily in football, but in basketball," said Stewart. "It will be a lost page."

Missouri fan Craig Roark doesn't share the same sentiments. "I live in Jefferson City, but I had to come up here one last time to see Mizzou play in the last Big 12 tournament," said Roark. "Right now it's all [Kansas fans], making me kinda sick."

Mizzou basketball team said they have just one goal-- to win the tournament. "It'd be great to go out... the last Big 12 game with a win," said MU fan Skipe Niemeyer.