MU Fire and Rescue Training Institute holds Summer Fire School

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COLUMBIA - The University of Missouri Fire and Rescue Training Institute is teaching up to 300 people at this year's Summer Fire School. 

The school will offer classes ranging from fire protection using propane gas tanks to repelling off the Turner Avenue parking garage in a rescue simulation. 

Special Projects Assistant Tracy Gray said the event has had a history of success, even bringing firefighters from other states. 

"Missouri is our largest pool, but we'll have them come in from Kansas and Arkansas, so we do get some from around the outside of the state," he said. 

Gray said the summer session moved to Jefferson City three years ago, but the institute decided last year to bring it back to Columbia and have it on MU's campus. 

Columbia Fire Department Assistant Chief Brad Fraizer said CFD's crews participate often. 

"We will definitely be sending some guys over there tomorrow," he said. 

Gray said firefighters from stations with lower budgets get the chance to learn how to use new technology that their station might not be able to afford. 

He said those trainees can become more efficient with the equipment they do have. 

This is the 87th year the institute has been holding the summer session.