MU Football Players Account for More Than 20 Arrests Since 2010

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COLUMBIA - Four arrests Saturday add to a list of alcohol and drug related incidents involving University of Missouri student-athletes over the past four years.

Columbia Police said they arrested basketball freshmen point guards Wes Clark and Shane Rector, sophomore football cornerback Aarion Penton and redshirt freshman safety Shaun Rupert for possession of less than 35 grams of marijuana.

"Any incident is one too many," MU Football Department spokesperson Chad Moller said. "We do our best to educate student-athletes and staff on damages and consequences of misuse."

Since 2010, Mizzou football student-athletes and coaches accounted for at least 15 arrests involving drugs or alcohol. Some of those arrests are from repeat offenders.

In May 2013, a New Orleans based newspaper looked at arrest records for all 14 football programs in the Southeastern Conference since 2010. At the time, Mizzou came out on top with 18 according to article.

Moller said he was unaware of arrest rankings within the conference but added some of the arrests did result in disciplinary measures from the athletic department.

"Anybody who is arrested, when we learn about it, they are immediately suspended indefinitely."


As for repeat offenders, Moller said the athletic department guidelines are less defined.

"It's a case by case basis," Moller said. "There's no policy that lines out 'this is the result when this and this happens.'"

"If somebody has repeat issues that weighs against them," he added.

Police arrested MU head football coach Gary Pinkel in 2011 for DWI. In February Pinkel talked about the football program's commitment to educating players on drug use during an ESPN Radio interview.

"We have a drug education program. We randomly drug test every week here," said Pinkel. "We do not want a drug cultural here at Missouri."

"People make bad decisions and make mistakes," Moller said.