MU graduate student workers plan walkouts Monday, Tuesday

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COLUMBIA - MU graduate student workers are planning walkouts on Monday and Tuesday to support anti-racism activists at the University of Missouri.

This decision comes after Tim Wolfe released his statement in response to a series of student protests.

The Steering Committee of the Forum on Graduate Rights with the Coalition of Graduate Workers said it is "outraged" with how Tim Wolfe and the UM System administration treated recent protests on MU's campus.

The committee said the "administration doubled-down on 'business as usual' as the path forward for our troubled campus."

The committee said this step to walkout has not been taken lightly and believes "any injury to any member of the campus community is an injury to all."

The committee also said "our fight against labor exploitation has common cause with campus fights against other forms of systematic inequality and oppression."

MU's history department released a statement Sunday night via Twitter saying: "We therefore support our students' efforts to address these problems. We are concerned with their safety and wellbeing and stand ready to work with them as well as faculty, staff, and administrators to turn the University of Missouri into a more tolerant, respectful and inclusive institution." 

This is not the first walk out graduate students have partaken in this year.

In August, MU announced it would stop health insurance subsidies for all graduate students. 

Following the reinstatement of graduate insurance, Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin apologized, saying the university's sudden announcement it was going to drop the subsidies was 'insufficient.'

Graduate students walked out of classes to show they think the university's policies still have yet to be fully resolved, following the reinstatement of their insurance.

The committee said "removing Tim Wolfe will not be the end of our fight, and we will continue to organize as workers to ensure a more equitable University community."

A group called "Concerned Faculty" is urging both students and faculty to meet at Carnahan Quadrangle Monday at 10 a.m. to respond to any questions. 

The committee will release demonstration plans for Monday and Tuesday on social media.