MU Health Care offers scholarships to high school graduates

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COLUMBIA - University of Missouri Health Care is partnering with Columbia College and Columbia Public Schools to offer scholarships to 20 graduating high school students for the Medical Assistant Training program.

The scholarship will cover the students' tuition and equipment costs for a one-year, online course through Columbia College and training through MU Health Care.  

Peter Callan, the director of talent acquisition, said students will receive computers, one-on-one support and a part-time job through the program.

Callan said he is thankful MU Health Care can fund this program and prepare students for career and higher education opportunities.  

"Many of the students did not have plans to go to college, so it is our pleasure to do this," Callan said. 

Callan said the program will meet the health centers employment needs and give back to the community. 

"It meets the need of our organization to have more health care professionals to meet the needs of our patients," Callan said.

"But it also gives us a unique opportunity to give something back to the community by giving this opportunity to students."

 Callan said students who complete the program successfully will graduate as certified medical assistants.  

MU Health Care and Columbia College will hold information session at high schools in Columbia. Students who are interested should attend the information sessions. 

Students can ask their principals and counselors about more information at their specific high school's information sessions. Students can also log on to MU Health Care's on line page and click on high school graduates for more information.