MU Health Care running into space issues, growth is the goal

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COLUMBIA – MU Health Care’s patient numbers are rising and spaces are filling up.

“We’re always actively looking for ways to find the space to take care of our patients,” said CEO Jonathan Curtright Tuesday.

He said baby deliveries at Women’s and Children’s Hospital have grown from 1,600 to 2,400 in the last two years.

“Our average daily census in our neonatal intensive care unit went from about 30 per day to nearly 50. So that particular space is about tapped out,” Curtright said.

He said similar issues can be found at University Hospital.

Some buildings and patient rooms within the MU Health Care system are more than 50 years old, and some rooms are “more contemporary” than others, Curtright said.

“It’s like any house you own, they all have challenges and you need to constantly be making investments in those facilities,” he said.

Patrick Delafontaine, the dean of MU’s School of Medicine, said the School of Medicine needs space for research.

Curtright said University Hospital's new emergency room addition will double the capacity of patients that the facility currently holds.

He also said the renovations and new buildings under construction will help resolve the spacing issues, and continued growth is the goal.