MU Holds Memorial Service for Sandy Hook Victims

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COLUMBIA - University of Missouri officials held a memorial Monday for victims of Friday's Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

MU Chancellor Brady Deaton walked from Jesse Hall to the columns, and laid a wreath on a plaque engraved with Mizzou's core values.

The Switzler Hall bell rang 26 times, for each victim of the shooting. Victims included 12 girls, eight boys and six adults.

"Enough is enough it's time for a new direction. If that new direction doesn't affect us in our homes, in our families, in the kind of curriculum we build, then we have failed as a society, and we cannot allow that to happen," Deaton said.

More than one hundred people attended the ceremony Monday including Boonville resident Charles Allen.

For Allen, Friday's events hit close to home. Allen went to Sandy Hook Elementary and his family still lives in Newtown.

"What brought me here was to thank the University of Missouri on behalf of the residents of Newtown and Sandy Hook where I grew up, Allen said.

Allen went to Sandy Hook Elementary from 1958 to 1962. "That's where I began my educational career," Allen said.

Allen took photos at the memorial to send back to his family in Newtown.

"I think it sends a great message that people about twelve hundred miles away from Newtown, Connecticut are sharing their grief."