MU holds program to address sexual assault reporting

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COLUMBIA - The University of Missouri held a program Friday educating people and spreading awareness about the new Title IX policy the university implemented August 25. Since its implementation, the Title IX office has started to receive reports regarding sexual assault.

Title IX Investigator Salama Gallimore said the goal of the programs is to educate people so they are not afraid to speak up if something occurs.

"If they have been on the receiving end of one of the behaviors that is offensive, they are more likely to report it after hearing from us, we hope," Gallimore said. "That way, we can address incidents that have been occurring on campus or prevent them from occurring in the future."

Gallimore lectured for about 30 minutes in Memorial Union and answered questions regarding the policy and the method the university is using to combat sexual assault.

The seminar also focused on promoting sexual assault awareness for the wider community. Gallimore said it's important to educate people on what they should do regarding the new Title IX policy.

"We think that when people know what they cannot do, they are less likely to do those things," Gallimore said. 

Gallimore said they are working on a website that will outline the new Title IX policy in detail. The website is scheduled to be up and running sometime in October.