MU hosts FIRST Lego League Tournament

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COLUMBIA – Kids ages 6 to 19 were eligible to compete in a special competition on MU’s campus on Saturday.

17 teams competed in Mizzou For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology (FIRST) Lego League Tournament held in Middlebush Hall.

Participating Teams:

Brain Power, Jefferson City

Fantastic Lego Ladies, Columbia

Queen Beebots, Columbia

Benton Destroyers, Columbia

Reach-Bots, Richland

Stem Gems, Columbia

RMS Robobotz Orange, Republic

RMS Robobotz Black, Republic

The Final Elements, Columbia

St. Martin Short Circuits, Jefferson City

The Virus, Lebanon

Legondary Battle Bots, Sedalia

Richland Robotics, Richland

N.E.R.D.S., Columbia

RMS Robobotz White, Republic

Bionic Builders, Sedalia

Act One Robotics, Kansas City

The tournaments theme was “Trash Trek.”

Each team helped build a robot made of Legos and a “brain” that could be programmed to perform different tasks.

Each team had two members go up to the “pit” or “field” where they set down their robot and race against the clock to complete as many tasks on the field as they could.

“So there’s the demolition one, compost, the animal, turtle, and the truck,” The Final Elements team member Braeden Songer said.

Another member of The Final Elements team, Jonah Aschi, said everyone on the team helped to build a part of the robot whether it was programming the “brain” or building pieces.

The results of the competition:

First Place: Reach-Bots team

Second Place: RMS Robobots White team

Third Place: The Final Elements team