MU Interfraternity Council hosts race relations forum

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COLUMBIA - Mizzou has hosted a series of race relation forums, and the Interfraternity Council held a student panel discussion. 

Airick West, who works with the Kansas City based Organization Community360, moderated the participation questions.

Community360 is a multiple day workshop program that works on "restorative justice" and leadership development.

The panel and participants discussed hard work versus equal access to opportunity, what types of conversations people should have to help improve relations and what the role of the majority has when speaking about the minority.

This event comes a day after MU Campus Dining Services apologized via Twitter for "culturally insensitive decor and costumes" at its Cinco de Mayo celebration. Employees and students wore ponchos and sombreros while preparing food. 

"A lot of people, they dress up in sombreros, moustaches and go out and enjoy all the deals and stuff and they don't realize that this is a culture you are appropriating and when you're Mexican, that's your identity, you can't just take it off like the costume you're wearing on that one day," student Deja Mackey said.

Dining Services went on to say that the incident "is not what our university represents and it does not reflect Mizzou's core values" and said it will "ensure this never happens again."