MU IT department rids email system of phishing scam

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COLUMBIA - Millions of emails flooded inboxes across MU's campus Tuesday, after someone used a student’s email address to spread a phishing scam.

According to an email from the university’s vice president of information technology, the message went to most faculty, staff and students. It "included a link to a website encouraging recipients to call a fictitious computer support center," Gary Allen said.

Most of the barrage of email came from people using the "reply all" option to ask questions about the message or complain about it. The more "reply all" emails that went out, the more people who replied all.

The IT department shut down the university email system for more than an hour to "purge" the suspect email from the system, Allen said. He said MU's IT systems "were not compromised."

The person who created the scam is no longer in the system.

The IT department advised users to report any suspicious emails to as an attachment. It said people should not reply to any suspicious email or click on any link in it.