MU Launches Prejudice and Harrassment Hotline

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COLUMBIA - The University of Missouri aims to find out about bias on campus through its new "See it, hear it, report it" campaign. 

The program allows students to fill out an incident report when they hear or witness any kind of discrimination or harassment on campus.

The MU Office of Equity began the program to help those students, staff and faculty identify any prejudice on campus and work to eliminate it. The office has been unofficially monitoring incidents for the past four years, but it hopes more students will come out to report with the forms online. 

"A misspoken work can make people feel really uncomfortable," said Office of Equity spokesperson Noel English. "We want people to be able to go wherever they feel comfortable and say I'm having a problem."

Nick Hepler is a sophomore on campus and says he's already noticed a need for this type of program.

"I don't want to lie," Hepler said. "But this does happen on our campus and people need to step in if they hear that stuff. It is necessary."

Hepler is optimistic about his peers submitting the forms. 

"I really hope a little effort is put forth by students and I think it is possible."

It is a simple form, but it could change a culture.