MU Law professor announces bid for Missouri Attorney General

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COLUMBIA - A University of Missouri law professor and former U.S. Supreme Court clerk announced his campaign for Missouri Attorney General Thursday.

Josh Hawley, of Boone County, sent a video announcement to supporters across the state.

"In legislatures and agencies at every level of government, radical liberals are passing laws and regulations that attack every constitutional freedom we cherish," Hawley said. "We have to beat them at the Supreme Court."

Hawley is a native of Lexington, Missouri, and a graduate of both Stanford University and Yale Law School. 

He was a co-counsel for Hobby Lobby in the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. Supreme Court ruling, in which the court ruled Hobby Lobby had the right to claim a religious exeption from the contraceptives mandate of the Affordable Care Act.

Hawley is a conservative and recently has spoken out against the Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling.

"This summer we watched as the Supreme Court took America further from its founding principles and you know the liberals will only keep pushing," Hawley said. "As Missouri's top lawyer, I will push back."

Hawley's campaign said this is his first campaign for elected office.

Hawley authors Op-Eds for the Wall Street Journal and USA Today.