MU law professors join peers in letter opposing Kavanaugh

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COLUMBIA- Six MU law professors joined over 2,400 law professors from all over the U.S. in signing a letter that stated Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh lacks the judicial restraint required for the high court. 

MU law professor Richard Reuben was one of the first at MU to sign the letter Wednesday night around 10 p.m. after seeing the viral post. Reuben said that he reached out to the initial professor who started the letter and asked if he was still able to sign on.

The letter was presented to the U.S. Senate Thursday. It was also published as a New York Times op-ed.

"As a moral imperative, I wanted to have my name associated with it," Reuben said. 

He said that he doesn't think the letter will have much of an impact on the ruling of the Supreme Court.

"I don't believe that this is a fair process," Reuben said, "I would be surprised if many of the signers of that letter believe that this is a fair process. I think most of us view this as a process designed to put Brett Kavanaugh on the U.S. Supreme Court".

The five other MU law professors who signed onto the list are: S.I Strong, R. Lawrence Dessem, Randy Diamond, John Lande and Rigel C. Oliveri. 

There were several hundred additional law professors who filled out the online form to be included on the list, but they missed the deadline, according the Washington Post. 

Despite the allegations and letter against Kavanaugh, U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Missouri, continues to offer his support in a Wednesday press release. 

“[W]hat we have with this nomination is a new principle. I find the guilty-until-proven-innocent conduct by some of our colleagues totally unacceptable. It is not who we are. It cannot become the new standard," said Blunt.

Two other professors who signed the letter were unavailable to comment.

Local GOP groups, Mizzou Republicans and Boone County Republicans were also contacted. No statements regarding the letter were provided.