MU library hopes to charge students fees

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COLUMBIA - One public library is charging to charge. MU Ellis library said there are several reasons why charging students library fees would be beneficial; one reason is electrical outlets. 

MU Director of Libraries Jim Cogswell said they are trying to meet the needs of students in order to provide better quality resources. 

He said he's gotten feedback from students asking for more power outlets; however, they lack the resources. 

"We just need to put more outlets and more facilities and more study areas that are wired for electrical and Internet, not only power but also Internet connection. But we just haven't been able to do that because we don't have the funding to do so," Cogswell said. 

Cogswell said the fees would be based on how many credit hours students are in, resulting in five dollars per credit. 

MU student Kayla Loveless said she doesn't think students should have to pay fees because the university is well-funded. 

"Our university is well funded in other areas, so I feel like we should have enough unallocated funds where we could support the library and the new outlets and whatever else they need. So I don't think we should have to charge students even more," Loveless said. 

She said with tuition increasing every year, fees shouldn't be implemented. 

"I mean as an English major, I use the library all the time. So being charged to be there, I don't know, it just wouldn't feel right," Loveless said. 

Cogswell said the fees will also cover more library resources such as new technology, more book collections, and study spaces for students. 

He said on the November Missouri Students Association (MSA) ballot there will be a referendum on library fees. 

If the vote is yes, the fee will be effective during the summer of May 2016.