MU might serve Asian carp

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COLUMBIA - An MU professor may have found a tasty way to solve an environmental problem.

Professor Mark Morgan has been working with MU to add Asian carp to the university dining hall menus. 

Last week MU conducted a taste test where students tried various dishes made with Asian carp. Morgan said these results seemed promising and were generally positive. The results will help determine if the fish will show up in dining establishments on campus. 

Asian carp are a nuisance species that have infiltrated the Mississippi River. Along with crowding out native fish species, they have caused a lot of problems with recreational boaters. 

Morgan said the 30 pound fish jump out of the water and hit boats and people, which causes major damage and injuries. 

But this is not the only reason the fish are threatening. Morgan said Asian carp are a problem all over the United States, and the main concern is that they will invade the Great Lakes.

Morgan's idea to help solve this environmental issue is to eat the fish to help reduce the population.

"It's a tasty, and it's's a fun way to solve an environmental problem," Morgan said. 

Morgan said last fall MU conducted a taste test and found the carp tastes better than catfish. 

In addition to helping the environment, Morgan said Asian carp has other benefits. He said the fish is low in mercury, high in omega 3 fatty acids and costs $1.99 per pound. 

Morgan said if Asian carp is added to dining hall menus, MU would be the first university in the country to address invasive species by eating them.