MU move-in is not what parents expected

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COLUMBIA - Students living in University of Missouri residence halls unloaded their college essentials from tightly packed cars during MU's official move-in day on Wednesday. Move-in day is usually an exciting time for both students and parents, but some parents were surprised at how easy the process was.

Theresa McKee, a parent of an incoming freshman, said moving her student into Johnston hall took less than an hour.

"It was nothing like we expected," she said. "We had heard some some horror stories in the past, so we were expecting long lines and craziness, but it was really, really nice, very organized. Nothing like what we had expected."

University of Missouri Residential Life said despite the decrease in the size of freshman class, it wants to focus on making sure the students living in residence halls have the best move-in experience as possible.

Ana Morales, a senior at the university reminisced about her freshman move-in experience.

"Moving in took hours when it really shouldn't take that long," she said. "I want to know what they're doing this year, like, if its more organized, if they have some system, but it was not easy my year."

McKee also said there were a lot of people around to help families move their items up to the students' room. 

"It was very organized with lots of helpers," she said. "We were not expecting the help at all."

MUPD also said it didn't have any problems with traffic around campus, and no accidents had been reported.