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COLUMBIA - The University of Missouri has plans to expand and construct a new building despite budget cuts. The school's director, Julia Gaines, said this goes to show expansion is possible even with dwindling funds. 

"We are suffering budget cuts but we can't come to a screeching halt or nothing will get done. This building has been in the works for decades. We were just waiting for that initial seed gift."

That "seed gift" that kicked the project into gear was a 10 million dollar donation from the Sinquefield Charitable Trust. This has brought the total amount of funds raised to around $24 million, but Gaines said the project will most likely come out to cost about $40 million.

She said the school outgrew it's current building just one decade after it was built in 1961. The new plans include multiple sound proof practice rooms and a concert hall that would seat 500.

Gaines said the possibility of a new theater could be beneficial for all of Columbia. 

"Building a new 500 seat concert hall will open up a lot of opportunities for downtown Columbia. Currently we have nothing of that size. We have the Missouri Theatre at 1200 and we have Jesse Auditorium at 1800. This new smaller venue will be attractive to smaller acts coming through and even make more space available for the True-False film festival and other festivals coming to town."

The plans for the building will be revealed to the public at 4 o'clock Tuesday afternoon.