MU named top public university amid negative NYT coverage

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COLUMBIA - As MU responds to a negative New York Times article published July 9, the university has been named a top cost-effective public university by Fiske Guide to Colleges.

In its Tuesday response to the Times report, MU said it was “writing to set the record straight” and named accomplishments such as a high "safe campus" rating, as well as the Fiske rating, to counter the article.

Each year, Fiske chooses only 20 public universities and 20 private universities for its “Best Buy” list. Schools are chosen based on qualities like number of applicants, difficulty of classes, acceptance rate and price.

MU News Bureau Spokesperson Christian Basi said the recognition “reaffirms all of the work that a lot of our officials have been doing over the years.”

The New York Times article highlighted the struggles the university faced after protests in 2015 gained national attention. The article said protests were a “disaster for the university,” and connected the events of fall 2015 with declining enrollment.

"We are learning from our past while serving as a model for a new engaged university to the nation," Basi said in a news release. "That’s not the story you read on Monday, but it’s one you will hear often from the Missouri family."

UM System President Mun Choi, MU Interim Chancellor Garnett Stokes and MU Chancellor-Designate Alexander Cartwright signed the news release.


Fiske listed MU’s rate of returning freshmen at 87 percent. According to data from the MU News Bureau, tuition for undergraduate students rose by 2.5 percent from 2012 to 2017.

Basi said it was too early to speculate if the rating would impact future decisions on state funding for the university.

Currently, the estimated cost of tuition for Missouri residents is more than $10,000 per academic year. The annual cost for out-of-state students is just under $26,000.