MU North hosts International Archaeology Day

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COLUMBIA - The University of Missouri Museum of Art and Archaeology hosted an explorative event on Saturday for International Archaeology Day.

Over eight different organizations participated in the event including the State Historical Society and the Department of Natural Resources.

Museum Educator Cathy Callaway said the Archaeology Day celebration started off as an educational experience for adults and older students, but grew over the last five years to include children too.

“I think anybody would really have a fun time here,” Callaway said.

Museum Academic Coordinator, Arthur Mehrhoff, sees an advantage to people of all ages attending the event.

“If you can get families involved there is some intergenerational dialogue that can take place and create a learning community,” said Mehrhoff.

Mehrhoff said celebrating International Archaeology Day exposes the community to a number of different worlds.

Mehrhoff said one way to view cultural diversity is to look at artifacts from different eras and continents. 

“Getting people in here and letting them find what speaks to them it probably the best approach to cultural diversity, rather than us saying you should think this way,” Mehrhoff said.

“We struggle with being considered academic,” Callaway said. “Something will speak to you and you don’t have to be a specialist to enjoy archaeology and you don’t have to be a specialist to enjoy a museum.”

The museum’s next event will host MU School of Music graduate students on Nov. 5 in the European Gallery.