MU organization celebrates India's Republic Day

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COLUMBIA - Almost seven decades ago, India's constitution became official. On Saturday, a group in Columbia will celebrate.

The Cultural Association of India (CAI) is hosting India Day at MU's Memorial Union.

CAI is having the event to celebrate India's 69th Republic Day which was Friday. Sairam Yadavilli, cultural secretary of CAI, said he's looking forward to coming together with other Indian students.

"It was the day that the constitution actually came into effect. we take that as an opportunity to get all the Indians together and celebrate our academic success at Mizzou and also our cultural heritage," Yadavilli said.

"We'll be talking to a host of guest speakers who will be coming all the way from India, and a few of them, notable speakers from here," Aishik Das, 2018 CAI president said. "They'll be talking about culture, they'll be talking about region, and they'll be talking about the various aspects of visiting our country and everything." 

The event will have Indian food, dance performances, and guest speakers, including MU's Vice Provost for International Programs Dr. James Scott and MU's School of Business Dean Dr. Ajay Vinzé.

"India has a lot of dance forms, music, and movies, so we want to showcase all that and have some entertainment for the people who come," Yadavilli said. 

The event is open to the public. It is set to begin at 1 p.m. 

"I would encourage all of you to come to the Memorial Union. It's in the Jesse Wrench Auditorium," Yadavilli said. "Have a taste of the Indian food, the Indian culture, and be a part of the Indian feeling."