MU organization discuss civil rights after Mike Brown shooting

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COLUMBIA - MU4MikeBrown and the Legion of Black Collegians presented a town hall meeting on Thursday to discuss police brutality, unlawful killings and solutions for prevention of further injustices. 

The meeting was held at the Black Culture Center on MU's Campus. MU Journalism professor and American Journalism Historian Dr. Earnest Perry lead a discussion among students and faculty who attended.

Topics discussed included the need for African-Americans to vote in elections in order to make a difference in their communities and the overall need for education on civil rights among all races. The meeting began with a call for those in attendance to voice their opinion by tweeting using the hashtags "#MUKnowYourRights" and "#MU4MikeBrown." Dr. Perry took questions and let attendees openly talk about their frustrations and possible solutions. 

"I wanted to hear my peers voices, let my voice be heard and take something away from this to see what I can do to go back home to my community and also here at MU to be the change I wish to see," Mu senior DeShaunya Ware said.

As a resident of a town just outside of Ferguson, Mike Brown's shooting hit close to home for Ware, but she believes it stretches beyond her local community to a more global issue. 

"This is not just a black problem, this is not just a Ferguson problem or a St. Louis problem," Ware said. "This is a problem happening everywhere around the world, around the country. This is a human problem, this is a civil rights problem." 

MU4MikeBrown is an organization dedicated to spread awareness of underlying issues regarding the Ferguson riots. The Legion of Black Collegians says it is working to eradicate ignorance and promote positive change through education, motivation, and advocacy for Black students at Mizzou.