MU Partners With Wallace H. Coulter Foundation For Science Projects

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COLUMBIA - MU College of Engineering and the Medical School accepted $600,000 in grants to fund research research projects Wednesday morning. Funding for the projects totals $5 million provided by the partnership between MU and the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation.

MU is one of the fifteen universities in the country to establish this partnership. Research projects include creating a device to reduce a patients risk of stroke during surgery, a surgery technique for repairing severe rotator cuff injuries, cancer detection and research, and developing blood tests to detect and treat dangerous infections.

"I'm very excited about the Coulter H. Foundation partnership because we are one of fifteen highly distinguished universities in the United States to have the honor and the trust of the Coulter Foundation to enter in to this translational partnership to bring great innovations from the bench to the bedside to where they can really impact and help improve health care," said Vice Chancellor of Research Robert Duncan.

Other universities receiving the award this year are Columbia University, John Hopkins University, University of Louisville, University of Pittsburgh and University of Southern California.