MU Police Report Readiness after Bomb Threats

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COLUMBIA - Although there were no bomb threats at MU Friday, MUPD officials said they had their eyes on coverage at the incidents on college campuses around the country.

The university did not receive any threatening calls. But the MU Police Department offered some tips on how to handle a threatening phone call.

First, if a caller threatens a person or location, write down as much detail as possible. That includes word for word what the caller said. Do not paraphrase the threat.

Most phone systems have caller ID. Police said to write down the phone number and a name if there is one.

If possible, take note of any background noises heard during the phone call.

"Students should continue to utilize and follow the MU Alerts System for updates about threats on MU's campus" said MU Spokesman Christian Basi.

He added that currently only 60-65 percent of MU students actually receive the updates. Sign up for emergency alerts from the campus by visiting its MU Alerts website.

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(Amanda Sohaney/KOMU)