MU Political Scientist Tuesday's Presidential Debate

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COLUMBIA - Tuesday's presidential debate can be characterized as a presidential brawl. 

University of Missouri's political science professor Marvin Overby visited the KOMU 8 studio to analyze the debate.

Going into this election, there was a lot of criticism's about Obama's last performance, how do you think he did tonight?

"Overall, Obama took the race tonight and that is for three reasons. One, because the expectations were lower, a lot of the questions were more on his turf. Two, it seemed like the president was more comfortable with the questions and third, President Obama has the better soundbites," said Overby.

One topic that came up several times was the question, "who was responsible for what happened in Libya?" How do you think both candidates responded to that question?

Overby also mentioned his skepticism about tonight's debate.

"The polls after the first debate would have happened regardless because that is how election season goes. It eventually becomes a tight debate so I am not positive that their performance matters too much, but it gives us something to watch and more to talk about," said Overby.

What do you think is going to change about the next debate?

"I think it's important to address next debate will be about foreign policy which is more in the president's territory, simply because the governor just does not have that experience. So it is possible that after the next debate people will say that President Obama lead the last two debates," said Overby.

The next and final presidential debate will be on Monday, October 22.