MU Prepares to Install Electronic Emergency Beacon System

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COLUMBIA - Visitors to the University of Missouri can expect to see workers spread across campus installing new electronic emergency beacons.

MU Campus Facilities Communications Manager Karlan Seville said 225 units in all will be installed to alert students, faculty and visitors of immediate emergencies from severe weather to potential threats.

The electronic beacons will light up and emit a siren, and give voice instructions in the case of a specific emergency.

Campus facilities workers are currently doing preliminary installations and the IT Department will install the electronic monitors in the coming month. 

Eloise Fischer-Fortney of Naperville, Ill. said she is currently debating whether to attend MU for college and it would make her feel safer to have the beacons available.  

"If anything was going on it would be another way to know what kind of threat was happening," Fischer-Fortney said. "It just makes you feel safer and more comfortable."