MU punishes fraternity after hazing incident

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COLUMBIA — The University of Missouri announced Monday it would withdraw the recognition of the Kappa Alpha Order fraternity as a recognized student organization for five years, effective immediately. 

"This means that as an organization, that fraternity will no longer be able to participate in any types of social activity related to the university such as Homecoming and other social events," MU spokesman Christian Basi said. "They also will not be able to utilize many of our facilities that recognized student organizations are able to do so for free."

Basi said the Kappa Alpha fraternity was found in violation of several of the University of Missouri's Standards of Conduct. (Collected Rules and Regulations)

Basi said after the university suspended the fraternity temporarily last month for a reported hazing incident involving alcohol,  officials conducted investigations into the hazing incident at the fraternity. 

Basi said the fraternity is not the first the university has taken this action against. He added if any safety concern happens, the university will take significant action. 

"The safety of our campus is our number one priority," Basi said. "We expect all student organizations to uphold our values of Respect, Responsibility, Discovery and Excellence."

According to a news release, this action will not affect individual students' abilities to attend classes and continue their academic progress this semester.

Kappa Alpha also was ordered to pay a $1,000 judicial processing fee.