MU Pushing for Participation in Music Therapy Program

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COLUMBIA - MU Women and Children's Hospital is pushing for more kids to take part in its music therapy program.

MU said music therapy helps children cope with their illnesses. Therapists said music stimulates the brain in ways that activities like watching TV cannot. Music, they said helps cope with frustration and sadness because mood can affect the way kids heal.

Emily Herzog, MU's music therapist, plays with the kids on her guitar while they use the drums or xylophone. She does the exercises while they are either having treatment to make it less traumatic or after treatment so they can cool down. 

"Music can be that extra auditory stimulation that holds their attention and helps their body to release tension and relax," Herzog said.

Mizzou Dance Marathon funds MU's music therapy program and Pascals Pals pays for most of the equipment.