MU Research Reactor Conducts Emergency Simulation

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COLUMBIA - MU held an emergency simulation Monday morning at the research reactor on campus. The simulation tested the university's ability to react and communicate information if an emergency were to happen at the research reactor. The test was required by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

During the simulation, firefighters practiced their entrances and exits from the area, while paramedics simulated the removal and care of patients in the reactor. Organizations that participated in the simulation include the Columbia Fire Department, MU Police Department, University Hospital and Clinics, and MU Environmental Health and Safety Department.

University spokesperson Christian Basi said the emergency simulation will help the university know what it needs to work on during future drills or emergencies.

Green Meadows neighborhood resident Joselyn Staley said she would like to see more information about the research reactor's emergency procedures. As a resident who lives within a mile of the reactor, she said her neighborhood should be among the first to know if there are problems at the reactor.