MU Researchers Plant Trees along Providence

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COLUMBIA -  Two MU faculty members and their students planted 777 willow trees near Hinkson Creek off of Providence Road Thursday as part of a two-year research project studying storm water and flood plain management.

Jason Hubbart, an assistant professor of forest hydrology and water quality in the College of Agriculture, and Enos Inniss, an assistant professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the College of Engineering collabrated on the project with Campus Facilities Landscape Services.

During the two-year project, Hubbart and Innis will study how the trees help the soil absorb more water and disperse it into the atmosphere before it reaches the waterway. Results from the study could be used to develop a national model for areas that are prone to pollution from water runoff.

The two-year study is being funded, in part, by the Enviornmental Protection Agency and MU Extension.