MU\'s parking availability impacts surrounding neighborhoods

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COLUMBIA — With more and more developments downtown, some neighborhoods are experiencing parking issues.

Residents in Columbia's Westmount neighborhood in Columbia are concerned about "spillover parking" from MU and downtown, and are considering a Residential Parking Permit Program. 

"We have a number of people affiliated with the university who are parking on residential streets, and other neighborhoods in Columbia with proximity to campus have noticed this as well, said Frankie Minor, the Westmount Neighborhood Association chair.

Fourth Ward Councilman Ian Thomas said one way to solve the issue is a program that protects parking spaces for residents and their guests while restricting general parking on affected streets.

"I think Residential Parking Permit Programs are really good tools to managing parking and traffic close to downtown areas," Thomas said.

Westmount neighborhood held a meeting Tuesday to discuss possible plans among its residents.

Thomas proposed the parking project, along with sidewalk and traffic calming improvements.

Other topics on the agenda included an update on the neighborhood sewer and utility project, along with a proposal for additional street lighting.  

Assistant Director of Water and Light Ryan Williams said requests came to the city for additional street lighting on Westmount and Edgewood Avenues. 

The city has to obtain easements from property owners in order to add additional lighting, Williams said.