MU's Tara Apartment Decks To Be Closed For Inspection

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COLUMBIA - Thursday morning, Tara Apartment tenants received an email from the University of Missouri regarding necessary repairs for the apartment's screen doors.

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Tara Apartments is MU owned on Ashland Road near Stadium Boulevard. 

The university is inspecting all of its buildings following the collapse at University Village in February.

Thursday's email said inspections revealed small fixes were needed at Tara Apartments. They would secure the screen doors leading to decks for second and third-story apartments from weathering wood.

For this process, the university has asked tenants to stay off and remove all objects from their decks until all work is complete.

The sudden news has brought frustration to some of the tenants.

"Just a little frustrated, we're obviously paying to have the entire apartment," tenant Kaylin Bean said. "We're paying for it, so we should be able to be out there."

Bean said her frustration roots from the university's inability to consistently maintain its apartments.

"It would be nice if they were maintaining things as they went along," she said. "That's what the money is for, and why residents are paying to live here, is for the place to be continually maintained."

The university said repairs will begin Friday morning and be completed by March 28.