MU's Traditions Plaza nears completion

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COLUMBIA - Crews scramble to finish construction work on MU's new Traditions Plaza Thursday in order to have everything finished in time for a dedication ceremony.

The construction began over the summer and hit a few roadblocks along the way.

Mizzou Alumni Association Marketing Director David Roloff said, "Construction should've been done last week but with the weather delays the last three weeks with all the rain it sort of set them back a bit, but we're confident it'll be ready for the dedication."

Heavy rains earlier in the month forced crews to make up for lost time over the past few weekends.

Traditions Plaza is part of MU's 175th anniversary celebration. With the help of donors, the Mizzou Alumni Association worked to construct the plaza on Carnahan Quadrangle directly across from Jesse Hall.

"What they're installing now are etched tiles. We have 19 of those that go into the main stage that have the top 19 traditions of Mizzou," Roloff said.

Roloff said it's important to uphold traditions on campus as well as add new experiences for students.

"It's a perfect amphitheater, it has a 70 foot by 30 foot wide stage, it's got complete power, it's got internet connection," Roloff said. "It's just a perfect gathering spot during the week but a great spot for concerts, movies, outdoor classrooms and speakers."

Throughout the day today crews will finish placing donor pavers with personal messages on them around the plaza.

A dedication ceremony will kick off at 3 p.m. Friday. The Golden Girls, Marching Mizzou and Chancellor Loftin will all be in attendance to help kick off homecoming weekend and reveal the new outdoor space.