MU's Wheelchair Basketball Team Heads to Texas

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COLUMBIA - The game of basketball is just not about passes, made shots, or even missed ones.

The game of basketball is about unity. Togetherness. And it doesn't matter if we're talking about wheelchair basketball.

The MU wheelchair team plays in the national intercollegiate wheelchair basketball championship this week at the University of Texas-Arlington.

Ask the team and you'll quickly learn why unity is such an important word.

"We've been becoming lot more close nit through this preparation for nationals. It's shown on the court. We're finishing a lot better than we have in the past. We are working as one," said Brendan Downes.

"We have a great family base in this team and really great leadership and a couple keep players, our ball handlers, and our post play is pretty dominant," said Carter Arey.

And its that dominance that the team takes against a familiar foe - Alabama.

"We're ready,that's the big thing we're ready for Alabama. Alabama is step one. There's only one step at nationals," continued Arey

"You gotta win the first one at nationals. They're the ones we're focused on right now. We played them a couple months ago we lost to them in a not so close game. We got into foul trouble. We're trying to look past that and they are the only ones we're looking at right now," said Downes.

"Our defense has been really intense lately. We have really been pressuring the ball more - talking a lot, commenting a lot and that has been the key to our defense," said Greg Anger.

So it comes down to unity and togetherness.

The team plays Alabama on Thursday around 4pm.