MU Salary Budget

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COLUMBIA - UM Board of Curators meet Thursday and Friday to discuss the proposed 2013 budget and spending plan. 

The proposed budget includes a 2 percent salary increase. This increase would be for MU faculty and staff.

The proposed 2 percent increase is for the salary budget not for each and every staff member. 

Nikki Krawitz, UM Vice president of finance and administartion says the various campuses can do what they like with the proposed increase. 

"What we do is start out with a basic assumption for all our campuses, and then we allow the campuses to adjust what they are going to do based on what their budgetary needs are."

Krawitz mentioned Mizzou professors are paid below average compared to other AAU institutions, and the salary increase helps to keep top instructors in Columbia. 

Biology professor George Smith sees positives and negatives in salary increases. 

"There are upsides and downsides to it, so I applaud it in some ways and worry about its consequences in other ways."

Smith pointed to the possibility of layoffs to offset the salary increases as a consequence, but Krawitz said it's still unclear whether cuts will be necessary. 

The Thursday and Friday meetings will be the last time the curators expect to review the 2013 spending plan before signing off on it in June.