MU saves millions through energy efficiency programs

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COLUMBIA - MU has saved money and reduced emissions through its long-term energy efficiency programs.

The university has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 51 percent since 2008 and saved over 85 million dollars in electricity costs since 1990.

MU Director of Energy Management Gregg Coffin said MU tries to set the standard for energy efficiency for universities nationwide.

"Many colleges and universities are in businesses of incorporating energy conservation in their plans," he said. "The University of Missouri has just been doing it for a long time."

MU has raised its renewable energy use to 40 percent. It has a joint power purchasing agreement with the City of Columbia to buy energy from renewable sources.

Columbia City Council Member Michael Trapp said that the joint purchasing agreement is beneficial for both sides.

"Columbia and Mizzou are inseparable, and we set a tone for positive change in the state," he said. "Renewable energy is just one example, but it's powerful."

Wind energy that is purchased comes from Iowa and northern parts of Missouri.