MU seniors host their own senior sendoff

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COLUMBIA – Rooted in the history of the University of Missouri are traditions dating back to the school's opening in 1839. However, due to COVID-19, many of those celebrations for graduating students, including senior sendoff, have been cancelled.

In response to the sendoff being cancelled, MU senior Amari Anderson decided to plan an unofficial one instead.

"I hope doing this with all of my classmates and fellow Tigers, I hope that I get closure with them since we won't be able to experience graduation," Anderson said. 

Usually, senior sendoff is held by the Alumni Association Student Board to honor seniors graduating from MU. Graduates run away from Jesse Hall through the Columns and receive a cup of beer on the other side symbolizing the completion of their four years of school.

Lynn Kruel, President of Alumni Association Student Board, said they sent out a letter from seniors to seniors to make sure they know they aren't forgotten.

"Everyone gets that moment of running through the columns and experiencing that completion," Kruel said. "Running through the columns is that final moment seniors deserve."

Even though this tradition was cancelled, AASB emailed the graduates with a promise to have a backup plan possibly as soon as Fall 2020.