MU student from Wuhan worried for her family

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COLUMBIA - University of Missouri student Anqi Sun's family lives in Wuhan, China, the place where the coronavirus first started. 

Sun is from Wuhan, China, but is studying business at MU currently. Sun said she has talked to her parents and they are okay.

“They’re very relaxed, even much more relaxed than me,” Sun told KOMU 8 through a translator. “And they are very confident and very optimistic to face everything."

Sun said her parents don’t leave their homes very often because when they do, they have to follow very specific rules. 

“If they have to buy something such as food or water, they will bring a respirator mask and if they want to go someplace, they can not drive their own car," Sun said. “They need to call the government and the government will assign them a car, a special car and a special driver for them to drive them to the place.” 

Sun said she is worried for her family, but has gotten a lot of support from friends at MU. 

“They often ask me something about this issue and ask me if I’m okay,” she said.

Sun said she’s giving best wishes to her family and hopes they continue to stay safe.