MU student helps rescue a brood of ducklings

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COLUMBIA - One MU student helped save the lives of 13 baby ducks from a storm drain on his way to class today.

Cody Lohse spotted the brood of ducks through a shuttle window.The shuttle had just picked him up from his apartment complex just across the street from Jack In The Box on Grindstone Parkway.

He was heading toward MU campus, when he spotted the little ducklings waddling across the busy street toward the median. Lohse said he asked the driver to stop, so that he could help the ducks safely cross the road.

"As soon as I stepped off the shuttle they started dropping one-by-one down through the storm drain," Lohse said.

A Columbia police officer also witness the ducks' slip into their dilemma.

Lohse said the drain was too deep to reach the ducks on their own, even with the help of a second officer.

A few workers on the construction site next the Lohse's apartment complex happened to be outside on their lunch breaks during that time. They were able to use their construction tractor and tools to open up the drain.

The officers released the ducks into a grass field on the corner of Grindstone Parkway and Grindstone Plaza Drive.

All 13 ducks waddled in a single file line, as they left to reunite with their mother.