MU Students Adjust to Life Off-Campus

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COLUMBIA - There are more than 23,000 rental units in Columbia, and there are more than 8,000 buildings that have rental property. The city anticipates that students will live in many of them.

It is Amber Newman's first year living off-campus. She is renting her first apartment at Campus Lodge.

"It's different from the dorms because certain things are already there for you, and in an apartment there are things you have to get for yourself. You don't realize that until you move in," Newman said.

The Office of Neighborhood Services in Columbia hopes to maintain safe housing for residents, including students. 

"All rental properties have to be registered with the city and be inspected every six years. Some are inspected every three years," manager of Neighborhood Services Leigh Britt said.

If landlords or property owners do not address resident's concerns, tenants can file a complaint with the city through an online rental complaint form.