MU Students Celebrate 11/11/11

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COLUMBIA - A celebration of a different kind took place outside the MU Bookstore to celebrate the unique date of November 11, 2011.

Students crowded around till the clock read exactly eleven hours, eleven minutes and eleven seconds. At this time 11,111 ping pong balls were dropped from the roof of MU's Bookstore.

Some students came prepared with empty bags, umbrellas, and even clothing hampers to catch the marked balls, to be cashed in for prizes.

One student collected over one thousand balls.

 "I just drove home real quick, grabbed my hamper because I figure it would be the best thing I had, and then I just crowded my way to the front," said Brandon Brubaker. "Thats how I got it."

Participants can enter names into a drawing that will occur every hour on the eleventh minute. Students also have until 9 p.m. to redeem the marked balls for prizes provided by MU Bookstore.