MU Students Ignore New Designated Smoking Areas

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COLUMBIA - University of Missouri students said they haven't noticed a change on campus since the designated smoking areas went into effect this summer.  Some smokers said they light up wherever they want because 'it's their campus too.'  The majority of the smokers said they don't want the designated areas. 

Non smokers said they don't want to be inconvenienced by smokers.  MU student Caitlin Jones said people with allergies and asthma shouldn't have to suffer for the smokers. 

"People should be considerate enough and realize people aren't going to want the smoke around them," said Jones.

UM Wellness Program officials said its up to the university community to help enforce the rules. But students said they have never seen someone reprimand a smoker for not staying in the designated area.  

Some students said they weren't even aware of the rules.  Dr. Laura Schopp, director of the T.E. Atkins UM Wellness Program, said she believes the campus is making progress, and it will be a transitional change for everyone. 

Schopp said the campus will be smoke free January 1, 2014.

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