MU Students Sell Donuts for Boston Marathon Victims

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COLUMBIA -  MU students Tyler Harpool and Jacob Huber sold donuts Tuesday for Boston marathon victims.  

Harpool said he was distraught after hearing an eight-year-old boy was killed.

"I think that was really the first indication that I had to act and do something to try and raise money for these victims of this terrible bombing," Harpool said. "I just want to do the best that I can to help these people who are obviously in need."  

Huber, Jacob's roommate, also helped raise money. 

"Once he said something about Boston, I had to jump in," Huber said. "I wasn't doing anything at the time, so why not help people?" 

So far, the duo has raised $55. 

There were three deaths and at least 176 injuries from yesterday's explosion at the finish line of the Boston marathon. 

FBI, local, and state police in Boston have intensified their search, vowing a "worldwide investigation" and asking for tips from the public. 

Harpool and Huber plan to fundraise again.

"We hope to be here maybe a few days this week," Harpool said. "We hope to raise enough money to make a difference for somebody's life in Boston." 

The donuts sell for one dollar each and can be found next to the information desk in the student center.