MU students voice opinions on possible dismissal of Click

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COLUMBIA - Students on the University of Missouri campus have some strong thoughts when it comes to MU Assistant Professor Melissa Click.

Click has been the center of a large controversy surrounding first amendment rights, and events related to the #ConcernedStudent1950 movement.

The group Young Americans for Liberty circulated a petition calling for Click's firing on Thursday, as well as setting up a "free speech wall" for anyone to write opinions on.

Many of the comments on the wall were in support of the petition, but others had written messages supporting Click as well.

President of the group Thomas Bradbury said the petition was a way for students to show their frustration in a formal way.

"I think it's important to give students a voice that's beyond barging into a Board of Curators meeting," Bradbury said. "Students need to go through the proper channels to have their voice heard, and a petition like ours is doing that."

Bradbury said the Click controversy has been a black eye for the university.

"To the national spotlight, in the national image, all we are is Melissa Click right now," Bradbury said. "When you look up the University of Missouri, one of the first things that pops up is Melissa Click violating the first amendment."

Many University of Missouri students were in agreement with the group.

"I think the university should take action immediately," MU senior Daniel Sherwood said. "I don't think there's any more review that needs to happen. There's video footage of her taking actions that I think are unacceptable towards police and students and I think they need to do something about that.

However, not all students shared the views of Young Americans for Liberty.

"I didn't sign the petition because I feel like it's her personal decision that she was advocating for the students of 1950," MU student Victoria Vitale said.

Vitale was not the only student present who sided with Click.

"Nobody is talking about the actual issues and what is really going on," MU student Neisha Goodson. "That's completely being ignored to bring up an issue that really isn't that big of a deal, and I don't think she should lose her job."

Bradbury did say the petition had received nearly 700 signatures by Thursday afternoon.

The group said it plans on presenting the petition to the UM Board of Curators.