MU to receive or lose NCAA money for student athlete academics

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COLUMBIA — The NCAA is pitching a financial disbursement changeup to its D1 institutions, and that includes the University of Missouri.  

The association announced last week that money earned from a new multimedia rights contract with CBS/Turner will be disbursed using academic metrics of the student athletes in addition to athletic success.

"There is now a consensus among NCAA institutions that this is the best way to do that distribution," MU Intercollegiate Athletics Committee Member and MU Law Professor Bob Jerry said.  

"This is a significant change beginning in a couple of years."

Starting the 2019-2020 academic year, MU could earn or lose revenue based off how well its student athletes do in the classroom. 

The NCAA will base this off of three metrics: the Academic Progress Rate, the all-sport Graduation Success Rate, and the Federal Graduation Rate.

The Academic Progress Rate is a system that scores teams on their ability to reach academic benchmarks and penalizes those who do not.  

The Graduation Success Rate measures what proportion of student athletes earn a college degree.

The Federal Graduation Rate measures the number of first-time, full-time freshmen that graduate with a college degree within six years of entering school.   

Any money earned comes without restrictions and can be used at the MU Athletic Department's discretion.

The department declined to comment but will be holding a meeting next week to discuss the changes.

"It's not that this is necessarily new revenue coming from the NCAA, it's really a different way of allocating the resources that have come from the past," Jerry said.  

In 2014, the MU Football program was in the top 10 percent for APR in the country in addition to women swimming diving, indoor track and field, and outdoor track and field.  

NCAA Faculty Representative Christina Wells and Intercollegiate Athletics Committee Chair Leigh Neier did not respond to KOMU's attempts for comment.